There are thousands and thousands game testing jobs available on the internet these days, so, It is easy to find a video game testing job if you find out the way to search them.
The game testing jobs mainly include:
- Console games (XBox360, PS3, Wii, PSP, etc) testing
- PC games testing
- Mobile games testing
The first thing you need to do before write a resume and find a testing job is choosing one major type of game you most familiar or like and want to test.
Then, write a resume about your skills, experience (include the games you’ve played), personalities (patient and enthusiasm will be preferred as I mentioned in my other post), and job intention etc.
Now, let’s begin to search for the great game testers jobs. There are several ways to do this:
1. Go to the major job boards, such as Monster , CareerBuilder , etc…
2. Go to some famous gaming sites which will post a lot of up to date gaming jobs. Such as,
3. Go to the game manufacturer’s official websites directly, such as Xbox360, Wii, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, etc… They often post some testing job opportunities on their own sites.
4. Get the membership of game testers’ jobs site, which will help you find a game testing job easier. But most of these kinds of sites are charged.
Well, these are the tips I think you need to get started. And for the last, I want to remind you that some of game testing job requirements might be void since it comes to certain developers. So, don’t be afraid to submit your resume when you don’t meet some certain requirements. Be Brave to try and wish you good luck!

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