I always remember at the time my Xbox 360 broken down the first time. My friends and I had settled down for the entire night for video games. Halo 3 was just been released that weekend so we got really started planning some serious hours into team death accommodate. Finally it happened. The 3 red ring of death problem. I stared at my Xbox trying to puzzle out the following move. I had been ruined.

  • The Reason Caused the Red Ring of Death Problem

Ring of death most likely the Xbox 360 elite problems caused of a hardware bug because of loosening of graphics processing unit or GPU. Generally, the red rings of death indicates that the Xbox 360 has suffered a basic hardware failure. Which means the GPU or CPU have been burned or your console overheated .Overheating of motherboard will slacken GPU, together with vibrations and 3 red lights begin flashing instead of green lights and also system freezes.

  • What to do when the Red Ring of Death happened

You can turn it down and make some self-check. First, make sure that all the ventilation in the power supply openings and free to ventilate. Then, be sure you don’t place power supply on the bed or sofa because this may obstruct the ventilation. Lastly, don’t place the power supply inside a restricted place such as a bookcase or rack, and never put it on a stereo speaker or heat source that may add heat. The Xbox 360 console usually keep its weatherproof also well ventilated and cool. So, it will probably be capable to stay away from overheating, but the above operation will cause the overheating. After the console and the power supply has been cool down, try restart it.

  • Still does not work?

If it still does not work, in the case your xbox are still under warranty, and you can wait, I recommend you sent the console to Microsoft for repair (it usually will take a very long time).
If you want to fix your xbox by yourself as soon as possible, you can find the help from some Xbox 360 repair guide, there are a lot of guides free or charged in the internet. You may need some tools, like washers and screws.

Wish you good luck!