Game testers jobs, as the wild fantasy jobs for the game lovers, have been more and more aware by people. But what are the requirements of game testers jobs? Before we answer this, let’s take a look at the responsibilities of the game testers jobs.
First, let’s think about this question: why would company pay someone to play video games? Today, the video games business is definitely much bigger than ever before. Companies world-wide develop video games every day along with one issue, games may contain bugs, which will cause millions of dollars of losses if not detected. So, one of main task of a video game tester is to find out the bugs and check if the program has been designed and coded properly.
And also, programmers usually are not players, therefore they cannot look at things as the same angles you do. Maybe they program a new feature which they really feel awesome, however with the players’ point of view; maybe it’s a complete disaster.
For this reason they require the players to be a video game tester to review the game features and give the developer the suggestions at a gamers’ perspective.

  • Degree Requirement

Most of the game testers jobs do not need to have a degree or college education. Mostly, you just need the high school degree or diploma. Degrees like games design, graphics as well as programming usually are favorable.

  • Skills and Knowledge Requirement

Game development skills and knowledge are not a must. Generally, a programmer mostly prefers the feedback from a normal game player which has not so much knowledge about the development activity, in order that he will find out the normal response to the game.
Game testers need a very creative mind, high enthusiasm and also to be patient.
The tester needs to be skilled and may enjoy playing all sorts of games. However you need keep in mind that you are not playing just for fun at the same time. In addition, staying up-to-date along with the newest developments of the video games world is really important.
And communication skills will also be very important, since you need to submit reports according to the task arrangement.

  • Age Requirements

Most of the companies will only employ people who are no less than 18 years old. In a few rare conditions they may perhaps employ kids who are under 18 but this is very rare.

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